Key Dates:
Rep Program Agenda:
 Tuesday April 24th
 The SMLA lacrosse league begins for Novice, Peewee & Bantam.
 Wednesday April 25th
The SMLA lacrosse league program begins for Paperweight & Tyke
 Thursday April 26th
Official SMLA rep team practices will begin. Starting April 30th, practices will be scheduled on Monday nights.
 May 14th
The second player fee of $175 (estimate) + apparel cost are due
Local tournament
Away tournament
  Saturday June 23rd
Day of Champions & Toronto Rock Hometown Tour program at the Stouffville Arena.
(August 3-5 PEEWEE & BANTAM), (August 5-7 TYKE), (August 10-12 NOVICE)

Program Philosophy

Today's athletes are stronger, faster, quicker and more skilled. 

In our new program, which has been designed specifically to improve player athleticism, our representative teams will train and play harder than ever before.

Our new weekly practice program will be a high intensity, 90 minute (30/30/30) session, focused on three core elements of becoming an elite lacrosse athlete:

  • Cross-Fit Training: constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity to improve athlete fitness
  • Skills Training: Stick fundamentals and ball familiarity
  • Team Play and Strategy: ball possession and movement, transitions and positional play

General SMLA Rep Program Information

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Stouffville Minor Lacrosse representative program. Please take a moment to read the following overview of our program:

  • - The SMLA rep program schedules it's rep program for weekday play with the exception of 3 tournament weekends.
  • - The SMLA has included in the program (1) 90 minute rep team practice per week starting April 26th. Most practices will be scheduled on Mondays. Additional practices may be added by the coach/team.
  • - The SMLA will schedule an average of 1 rep game per week starting May 10th – July 26th. Most games will be scheduled on Thursdays.
  • - The SMLA will register the team for 3 weekend tournaments (1 away, 1 local & OLA provincials).
  • - The OLA (Ontario Lacrosse Association) has implemented the rule that all D & E ranked representative teams must participate in their association’s lacrosse league. The SMLA, 9 week + DOC program runs Tuesday nights (2004-2009) or Wednesday nights (2010-20011) and will consist of skills training and games that will complement the player development model of the representative program.
  • - All SMLA rep teams will have non-parent head coaches. Parent volunteers with certification and VSS may be chosen by the head coach to complete the team bench staff.
  • - Rep team fee $475 (estimate based on 17 team members) + local lacrosse $250 + Rep jersey/shorts/socks. ***Each team has the opportunity to reduce player fees through team sponsorship & fundraising initiatives.