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Stouffville Minor Lacrosse Association (SMLA) would like to officially declare our rep teams for the 2020 season. 


Bantam Field and Box head coach - Damon Williamson

Peewee Box head coach - Hayden Burt 

Peewee Field head coach - Wyatt McKinnon


The following Rep-level teams WILL BE fielded for the 2020 season by the SMLA:

  • Bantam FIELD  (2006-2007)  Program is Full.   

  • Bantam BOX (2006-2007)    Program is Full.    

  • Peewee FIELD (2008-2009) 

  • Peewee BOX   (2008-2009)   Program is Full.


The following Rep-level teams WILL NOT BE fielded for the 2020 season by the SMLA: 

Paperweight Box (2014-2015)

Tyke Field (2012-2013)

Tyke Box (2012-2013) 

Novice Field (2010-2011)

Novice Box (2010-2011)

Midget Field (2004-2005)

Midget Box (2004-2005)


For teams declared not available by the SMLA, players receive an automatic release and do not need to complete the release application available on the OLA website. However, field players must register and return to the SMLA for the 2020 box season. 


NOTE: The Ontario Lacrosse Association requires players to be registered with their home centre by 17 March, 2020. If players are not registered by 17 March, 2020, they become ineligible to play Rep-level lacrosse anywhere in Ontario for the 2020 season. Do not delay! 


NOTE: If there is not sufficient player interest to form a REP team, Stouffville Minor Lacrosse will make every effort to support your player movement and release to your next closest association.   

General SMLA Rep Program Information

Thank you for your interest in the 2020 Stouffville Minor Lacrosse representative program. Please take a moment to read the following overview of our program:


  • - The SMLA rep program schedules it's rep program for weekday play with the exception of 3 weekend tournaments (Including Provincials). June 12-14, July 3-5 and either August 1-3 or August 7-9 depending on which division. 

  • - The SMLA has included in the program one rep team practice & one-two games per week . Most practices will be scheduled on Mondays & Thursdays. Additional practices may be added by the coach/team.

  • - The SMLA will schedule an average of 1 rep game per week starting May 10th – July 26th. Most games will be scheduled on Wednesdays.

  • - All SMLA rep teams will have non-parent head coaches. 


  • Rep team fees are estimated at $700 + **Rep jersey/shorts (based on 16 team members and includes insurance, OLA magazines, SMLA fees/expenses, Zone 6 & OLA registration fees).  Preliminary budgets will be reviewed with team manager.  Final player fee will be adjusted according to actual program costs, fundraising & sponsorship revenue. 


  • ***Each team has the opportunity to reduce player fees through team sponsorship & fundraising initiatives.

  • **For returning players, 2018/2019 Jerseys and shorts can be worn for the 2020 season. 

The 2020 Ontario Lacrosse Festival

July 31 - August 2: OLA Peewee Provincial Championships

July 31 - August 2: OLA Bantam Provincial Championships

August 2 - 4: OLA Tyke Provincial Championships

August 4 -6: OLA Intermediate Provincial Championships

August 7 - 9: OLA Novice Provincial Championships

August 7 - 9: OLA Midget Provincial Championships


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