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  1. The Ontario Lacrosse Association online registration service provider is Sportzsoft & fees are processed by Peleton Technologies.  The registration system will require you to set up a family account with Sportzsoft.  If you already have an account, please use your 2018 login & password.

  2. All registrations require a digital image (jpg.) of a government issued ID showing the player's birth date such as a birth certificate or health card to be uploaded during the online registration process.  

  3. Early registration rates for house league available until March 31st

  4. Please direct any questions to

Registration Refund Policy: 

There is a $50 processing fee for refunded registrations up to the start date of the season.  Any refunds requested after the   start date will not be given.


Release Policy:

If you are applying for a release, you must first fully register with us. Then fill out the release request form found on the link below (Ontario Lacrosse Association Release Form).

There is a $40 release hearing fee charged by the SMLA.

NOTE: The Ontario Lacrosse Association requires players to be registered with their home centre by 17 March, 2020. If players  are not registered by 17 March, 2020, they become ineligible to play Rep-level lacrosse anywhere in Ontario for the  2020 season. Do not delay! 

OLA constitution:

MR3.01 A player must apply for a release from his/her club/association to play for the next closest club/association by the following dates of the current playing season. 

Box: May 1st, 

Women’s Field: May 15th, 

Field: March 1st, 

Fall Field: August 15th. 

All players must be registered and OLA approved for the current season prior to applying for a release. A player will be eligible for one rep release request per playing season, per sector. Such release shall become official immediately upon Zone / League and OLA approval. 








PLEASE NOTE: The staff on the floor are teens and young adults and (for many) this is their first job. Teaching children (as a parent you are aware of) is very hard. Please make sure that you talk to the staff with support and guidance. They will run activities to the best of their ability, however being on the floor with 100 parents watching them is a VERY difficult job to have!

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