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SMLA Registrar Position


The Registrar will be responsible for managing all aspects of SMLA’s registration, preparation and organization of registration materials. Among the responsibilities of the role are:

  • Set up SMLA registration information in the Sportzsoft system with products and prices

  • Oversee all registrations for players, executive, coaches and volunteers

  • Handle data entry of all registration information and collection of registration funds to be turned over to Treasurer

  • Manage registrations, boundaries & approvals at the various levels of the Zone and OLA

  • Deal with association member communication (emails/phone calls)

  • Advise the President of any release requests

  • Create and print all rep rosters & player cards for team managers

  • Forward and distribute all contact information and any other pertinent information to each of the team managers

  • Handle and confirm all registration payments through Sportzsoft

  • Handle all requests for refunds, remove players from the master list and provide the Treasurer with a complete list of approved refunds 

  • Provide a copy of the master list to the President, Treasurer and Scheduler with weekly updates during season

  • Send all the necessary documents to our privacy officer to confirm before any approvals


Total renumeration for one season is $2500.00 to be paid in 5 installments. Work will be busiest (Approx. 15 hours per week) from end of January to end of April.

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