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Q. Can I request my player to be on the same team as another player?

A. The SMLA will try its best to meets everyone’s request but cannot make any guarantees. The SMLA uses your player information to try to balance house league teams from the start of the season to avoid moving players around but sometimes we need to move players to balance out the teams. One of the best parts of playing team sports is the social aspect of making new friends. While it can be great to play with friends, many of our players describe the memories of also playing against friends.

Q. When will I find out my child's team and schedule?

A. We are unable to determine teams and player placements until registration closes and we know the number of players in each division. Typically notification will go out the week before the season begins. We appreciate your patience.

Q. When does the House League season start and end?

A. The house league season is scheduled to begin the week of May 1st and end with our Day of Champions on June 25th.

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